In 2013, MoneySense magazine ranked Newmarket as the fourth top small city in Canada, and it’s not hard to see why. Newmarket is ideally located midway between downtown Toronto and Barrie, making it perfect for commuters looking for easy access to either city, and an attractive alternative to Toronto for businesses and residents. Newmarket has great small town charm with all of the conveniences you would expect of a big city.

Main street Newmarket is a truly unique experience found in the heart of Newmarket. The street is styled with early 1800s architecture and streetlights, and is adorned with custom grown flower barrels, providing a beautiful and vibrant setting. Shop at local boutiques, dine at several patio eateries, find fresh produce at the seasonal farmer’s market, or participate in the many recreational, cultural and arts activities.

Upper Canada Mall is one of the largest shopping centres in Canada, this mall is home to over 250 stores across over one million square feet. The mall provides a premiere shopping experience to residents of Newmarket with a wide variety of stores, making it a fantastic alternative to travelling to the big city. From dozens of specialty stores to all of the major brands and outlets, there really isn’t much you can’t find at Upper Canada Mall.

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